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Illusion Institute has created a perfect match between practical results and a truly interactive curriculum. Exposing the under exposed athlete, getting them scholarship ready, and rewarding hard work during the process of completing each program. Improving the fundamental skill sets of basketball players from all ranges of athletic ability, here's what we do for Student-Athletes:
The Evolution of Basketball Programs!
  • Help them break down defenders effectively 
  • Teach dribbling with purpose and precision
  • Lower t/o totals significantly during games 
  • Enhance low post moves beyond recognition
  • Boost shooting accuracy to dangerous level 
Top Performance and Confidence!
Illusion Institute is an innovative basketball program that not only contains the knowledge of "traditional" basketball drills, but also a few tweaks, and a concept of personal interaction that has yet to be seen in the industry. Cultivating the achievements of our student athletes with not only drills and cones, but:
Increased scholarship opportunity
Seminars on academic topics
Influential guest speaker events
Illusion Institute awards and gifts
Encouraged parent involvement
"When he reached at nothing but air and the crowd went 'oooohhh', I thought MAN, this stuff works!
-A. Corley, Senior Guard 

Constant contact from I.I team
Player profiles and videos
Interactive feedback and polls
Positive support and follow up
Progress reports and more
Customized training sessions that are tailored for the athlete that looks to improve on the court...

And More...
Rather for simple keepsakes to travel down memory lane or goals of gaining exposure to college recruiters...

And More... 
Setting athletic goals are often overlooked, check out the impact of goal setting in athletics...

And More...
1 on 1 Training Sessions 
Video Recording Services 
Goal Setting Scrapbooks
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The Cost To Be The Boss!
Athlete's currently being trained know what this is!  
Click the image to see what your Boss Work is!
"It paid off quick..." 

-A. Corley

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