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We have a passion for the success of our current and future Student-Athletes, and your comments, suggestions, and participation are very important to us and twice as much for the Student-Athletes.  Our original goal was, and always will be to help Student-Athletes reach for the seemingly unreachable without even thinking about it

Here, our current and future Student-Athletes have benefits readily available for them.  They have exposure, a place to celebrate success, positive reinforcement, tangible improvement of their basketball skills, and even an opportunity to create long lasting bonds across the world.  We encourage you to contact us in regards to eventsfree tips, our Student-Athlete advantages, or just to say hello!

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Certified Playmaker MakersMeet Your Trainers!
​Sergio lives in the Missouri City area, but is willing to train elsewhere.  He's a team first kind of guy that is big on encouragement and the fundamentals of basketball.  He trains girls and boys varying between seniors in high school all the way down to 6th graders just being introduced to the game of basketball.   
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Learn More About Sergio
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All trainer backgrounds have been verified by People Smart   
All trainer drug and alcohol screening completed by Texas Industrial Medical
Russell is the type of trainer that feels that without a solid understanding of fundamentals, a player can never reach their full potential.  He's a "teach first" kind of guy and is big on communication and solid team play on both sides of the court.  He's a training rock star that has the ability to train players just being introduced to the game of basketball all the way up to advance players looking to play collegiate and beyond.   
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(281) 917 4837