If someone would have told me that my daughter would be working this hard on her game by herself, I would have laughed in their face!  I think it's the scholar bonus that keeps her going. I don't know, but I was actually just about to spend over $1,000 on a camp for her, which was out of my budget, but I found you guys and paid 1/4 the cost, and the I.I program lasts 5 times longer than the camp would have!

Mario Mohan, IT Specialist, F1 Consulting 
Houston, TX 
When it was all said and done, when I found out your program would help my son get that edge he needed to earn a scholarship, I was all for it.  I could tell that you guys care because you talked to him more than me!  More than anything else, I like how I can communicate with people and not a phone tree. 

Melissa Corley, RN, San Jacinto Methodist 
Baytown, TX 
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Video Is Worth 1,000 Words.
Listen to I.I Student Athletes.
 My son loved it, very flexible with times and very knowledgeable!!! I would recommend and will use them again.   

Laura Baker - Deer Park, TX 
Variety is the spice of life and the way these guys have plenty of stuff for these kids to get involved with is great.  When I first saw the presentation I honestly was thinking that they were just going to give my kids some packets to run with and never hear from them again, but I was surprised to see that these guys gave us more than just some drills to follow.  I definitely recommend the programs that these guys offer.     

Otto Drake, Driver, Acme Transportation 
Indianapolis, IN 
I really respect what you guys are doing. It’s going to change a lot of lives!  

D. Westbeld, Economic Development Administrator, Deer Park 
Deer Park, TX 
Let's start by saying thank you for this AMAZING DVD. It's GREAT! The music is PERFECT for each movement! My son didn't get much playing time and we didn't have you at every game, yet you made the DVD as if you were at every game and he played much more. I will cherish this one the most because it's the first.  I look forward to using you to follow his career, thanks a million!  

Jerome Gillespie, United States Post Office 
Pearland, TX 
4 out of 5 stars! These trainers will bring out the best in your athlete. They always have a positive word for their students.    

Cynthia Hill - Baytown, TX 

My son's trainer has helped Grant improve his skills at every lesson. He continues to be 100% professional and also very engaging and encouraging with Grant. It has been a pleasure working with him!    

Cindy Luvender - Sugarland, TX 

       My son's trainer has been wonderful! He is very knowledgeable and above all--patient. I have been amazed at his ability to relay the mechanics of shooting, ball handling, and footwork in a methodical and systematic way. It is truly remarkable to watch my son's progress from week to week.    

Nydia Twumasi - Cypress, TX 

I don't even know where to start to describe how wonderful my son's trainer is or how much of a difference he has made to my son's basketball skills. For years, my son played what his trainer calls "daddy ball" on teams coached by volunteer fathers, who often had never played the game themselves. As a result, my son had never learned proper ball-handling skills and had had little experience in shooting during games. My son's trainer changed all that - in just 9 lessons! My son now handles the ball significantly better than his teammates, shoots better and scores almost all the time he shoots, and is one of the best rebounders on the team. We plan to have my son's new trainer work with him again before Freshman Basketball tryouts this fall. I cannot recommend Illusion Institute enough!   

Lisa Eriksen - The Woodlands, TX 

        Our first session with Illusion Institute was fantastic - we're excited to work with them more. The ball handling drills were challenging and unique, and my son already sees some improvement, and has new drills to practice with.

Sandy McQueen - Pearland, TX 

        They helped me improve my form. Really appreciate it, can't wait for our next session.

Brandon Lehman - Houston, TX 

Video Is Worth 1,000 Words.
Listen to I.I Student Athletes.
Video Is Worth 1,000 Words.
Listen to I.I Student Athletes.
Video Is Worth 1,000 Words.
Listen to I.I Student Athletes.
Video Is Worth 1,000 Words.
Listen to I.I Student Athletes.
(281) 917 4837
The Growing LegacyGreat News About Our Student-Athletes
Annie Carlile - Barbers Hill High School
#8 in the State of Texas 

We want to congratulate Annie for her first of many to come milestones!  Her hard work is beginning to pay off.  She has earned the #8 rank for her grade level in the state of Texas by ScoutsFocus!  Keep up the great work, Annie!!  

Check out her video posted by ScoutsFocus!