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"When it was all said and done, when I found out your program would help my son get that edge he needed to earn a scholarship, I was all for it."

- Melissa C., I.I Parent

Get The Extra Edge!
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What is Illusion Institute?
First, let's break down what we mean by Illusion.  

It has many definitions, but the one that defines I.I the most is "perception of something objectively existing in such a way as to cause misinterpretation of its actual nature". What does this mean in essence? What does this have to do with basketball? Everything. When a defender is in front of a ball player, they provide an illusion that they are going right, but they go left, they let the defender believe that they will pull up for the jumper, but they leave them flat footed as they drive to the rim.  Good ball players are Illusionists. Period.  
Now, to the Institute.  

An institute is "a usually brief intensive course of instruction on selected topics relating to a particular field".  Intensive is a good word for what our athletes do, and yes it will be very concentrated.  We stress intensive because it takes an intense player to complete any of our programs.  After completion of our programs, athletes will be well on their way to providing illusions with the ball.  All within the rules of the game.  Before becoming an I.I graduate, our athletes understand that it will not be easy. 
Who was inspired to start Illusion Institute?  Who is he and what drives him to do what he does?  He had his "aha moment" when his nephew asked him about improving his ball handling skills.  Read a little about Joseph here.  

The mission of Illusion Institute.  

Our Mission is to increase awareness of overlooked players in smaller market school districts that are basketball scholarship worthy, and make quality basketball training programs accessible to these student-athletes.

Who we are in two sentences would be described as for student-athletes between the ages of 11 and 18, Illusion Institute is a brand of innovative basketball training, camps, and leagues. We offer one of a kind skills camps, incentive based leagues, motivational 1 on 1 trainings, and original DVD packages that offer interactive positive reinforcement.

Illusion Institute is far from a bunch of drills, contraptions, and DVD's, it is closer to an institution, school of thought, or place for student athletes to grow together.  An institution that includes practical advice to follow, a source of networking for student athletes and parents, workout packages tailored for specific realms of the game, and most importantly... people that care.  
I'm a well rounded person that has experience in a wide range of industries, from public relations, coaching, teaching, all the way to door to door sales, but at the end of the day, the game of basketball has always been in the background of everything I do.  I always take the opportunity to help student athletes lead a balanced life on and off the court.  Averaging 25 is just the beginning. 
I have a sincere passion for the youth in general, but I always find myself a bit partial to student athletes.  Maybe because I was one myself at one time, but I enjoy motivating them to be the best they can be on and off the court. 
When players tell me "I got a scholarship!", sometimes with tears in their eyes. My heart fills with joy and I remember exactly why I decided to start Illusion Institute.  Every student athlete with the talent should have that feeling.  I don't care if it's at a small, medium, or large school. It's an opportunity. 
"I was actually just about to spend over $1,000 on a camp for my daughter, which was out of my budget, but I found you guys and paid 1/4 the cost, and the I.I program lasts 5 times longer than the camp would have!"

- Mario M., I.I Parent

First game of "Basket Ball" played after being created by James Naismith, where there was no dribbling allowed and the targets where two peach baskets.  
First "backboard" created to stop spectators from interfering with the game, hence starting the trend of "hitting the boards".  They were made out of chicken wire and wooden boards.
Basketball becomes an official men's Olympic sport in Berlin, Germany. USA beat Canada 19 to 8.
The first televised basketball game.  It was Fordham vs. the University of Pittsburgh at the Madison Square Garden.
Chuck Cooper is the first black man drafted by an NBA team, The Boston Celtics.
Oscar Robinson becomes the first sophomore in NCAA history to win the scoring title with 32.6 points per game. Before the three point shot was established.
Wilt Chamberlain set the NBA single-game scoring record by putting up 100 points for the Philadelphia Warriors.
Darryl Dawkins (though second in history) is the first high school player drafted to the NBA to make a buzz.
Long after being an experiment in 1945 on the collegiate level, the first official "three point shot" in the NBA was made by Chris Ford, a Celtics guard.
Cheryl Miller scores 105 points her senior year against Norte Vista High School.
The Dream Team starts play. Arguably the best basketball team ever assembled.  They ran through the Olympics with an average margin of victory of 44 points.
June 21st of this year was the ceremonial first tip off for the WNBA.  Though not the first professional league for women in America, it was the first to be backed by the NBA. The league proudly displayed their mantra "We Got Next".
Kwame Brown, chosen by the Washington Wizards, becomes the first high school player to be drafted #1 overall.
Lauren Jackson, of the Seattle Storm, ties for the most points in a single game in WNBA history with 47.  She did it in two fewer quarters than who she shares the record with.
Who will be next? 
Your time is now.  
See How It's Bigger Than Basketball!